Download Historical Stock quotes & create candle stick chart in Microsoft Excel

Posted Date  26/04/2017

There are several websites which provide historical stock quotes for USA and other world market indices.

Some top names are Yahoo, Google and MSN.

In this article I will be using Yahoo finance to download last month data for S&P 500 and will show step by step process to create nice looking Candle stick chart.

First click on following link to get the historical stock quotes^GSPC

I will be using S&P 500 data from 25 March 2017 to 25 of April 2017. You can choose other stock or time period of your choice by filling the required parameters on very professional looking Yahoo finance page.


Then click on Download data button as shown on just above the data set in above screen shot.

Your downloaded csv data file will look something like this.

To create a candle stick chart we need to select only first 5 column in above data set.

Go to insert < Other chart < second chart in the first row

Your nice looking candle stick chart is here to analyze directions of your invested shares.

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